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An abstract illustration of a young woman testing software on her laptop

Performance testing is a commitment to excellence

Farzin Karthik

At Kiandra, we recognise and acknowledge the pivotal role of performance testing in achieving this fine balance. In this blog, we will unravel what performance testing truly means at Kiandra and why it's a cornerstone of our development philosophy.

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A black pawn reflects an image of a golden King in a mirror

From old to gold: Unleashing the potential of legacy modernisation through custom software solutions

Meghan Lodwick

Businesses often find themselves grappling with outdated legacy systems. Holding on to these systems is not the only option. Legacy modernisation, powered by custom software solutions, offers a transformative approach to breathe new life into these aging systems.

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Abstract illustration of two hands puppeteering a pie chart with dollar signs and a man working on a laptop

How technology advances will complement HR and payroll

Meghan Lodwick

In Australia, the integration of advanced software solutions is transforming HR processes, streamlining payroll management, and enhancing overall efficiency. Let’s explore how software innovations are empowering HR professionals.

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Illustration of chart showing costs increasing

Software development in an inflationary environment

Meghan Lodwick

Inflationary pressures can pose significant challenges to organisations, impacting profitability and forcing CFOs to seek cost-cutting measures. However, scaling back on digital transformation initiatives in response to inflation is a misguided approach.

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Illustration of a secure and protected application

Building Secure Applications: Best Practices for Developers

Meghan Lodwick

In today's rapidly evolving world of software development, ensuring the security of applications has become more important than ever. With the advancement of technology, cyber threats have also become more sophisticated and prevalent.

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Bright and colourful abstract illustration of connected devices, application windows and processes.

Becoming a digital enterprise is essential for business

Meghan Lodwick

No business can afford to ignore the benefits of going full blown digital. The rise of Google, ChatGPT and Netflix has revolutionised the business landscape and created a new breed of company: the digital enterprise.

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Abstract illustration of people using digital devices against a busy background.

Fundamentals of a successful digital strategy

Meghan Lodwick

Digitisation is necessary to stay competitive and achieve success. However, successful digitisation is not just about implementing new technologies, it requires a foundation of a smart digital strategy.

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A colourful illustration of hand holding a phone, leaving a five star review

Improve customer service with software

Meghan Lodwick

Customer service does not begin and end with a smile. Yet, customer loyalty is essential to success. A recent study into brand experience found companies that lead in customer experience outperform laggards by nearly 80%. It's no wonder that companies invest a lot of money in keeping their customers happy.

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Abstract depiction of artificial intelligence and data

Leveraging data, analytics and AI to re-engineer decisions

Meghan Lodwick

In today's data-driven world, making informed decisions is key to gaining a competitive advantage in any industry. The rise of automated technology has allowed organisations to leverage data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to make better decisions and unlock new opportunities.

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