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  • Anthony Wilson
    Software Developer.

    Remote working since way before it was cool.

  • Aarti Nagpal
    Senior Business Analyst.

    Nature lover, crossword addict.

  • Anastasia Tremopoulos
    Senior Project Manager.

    Explorer and adventurer – loves discovering new wines and cheese.

  • Ella Wilkinson
    Office Administrator.

    Cannot impossibly imagine a world without chocolate and dogs.

  • Brent Johnson
    Software Development Lead.

    "Working at K gave me the opportunity to move to Canada, eh!"

  • Cameron Brookes
    Managing Director.

    Co-founder of Kiandra and passionate Blues fan.

  • Cassie Wallace
    Head of Software Development.

    Loves: travel, champagne, pets – and software.

  • Deepti Rawale
    Test Analyst.

    Quality is her habit not just a job. I also take pleasure in breaking code from time-to-time :)

  • Erik Kostense
    Head of Finance.

    6 foot 4, 100 kilos and still can't hit a golf ball!

  • Farzin Karthik
    Senior Test Analyst.

    "I'm the most awesome person I know."

  • Jacqueline Odicho
    Financial Controller.

    Coffee and Abacus always on hand.

  • Sam Medley
    Senior Software Developer.

    Has been PEEKing and POKEing bytes since 1986. (A little C64 reference for those in the know).

  • Leila Marimuthu
    Senior Business Analyst.

    A slight shift in perspective can change everything.

  • Luke Gee
    Senior Project Manager.

    Project Manager. Consumes A LOT of tea.

  • Marielle Lee
    UX Developer.

    Her design motto: K.I.S.S. - keep it simple and sexy.

  • Tony Smith
    Experience Design Lead.

    Passionate about gym, obstacle racing and UCS lego.

  • Martin Cooperwaite

    Still easily the nerdiest person Cam knows.

  • Martin Scavone
    Principal Software Developer.

    When he's not catching bugs he's catching waves.

  • Matthew Dunn
    Business Development Manager.

    Dad joke aficionado, easily distracte... oh look, a squirrel!

  • Meghan Lodwick
    PR and Communications Manager.

    The glass is always half full.

  • Michael Gorniak
    Management Accountant.

    Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

  • Jacqueline Brodin
    Senior Software Developer.

    Don't stress over things you cannot control.

  • Naz Taylor
    Senior Software Developer.

    Fan of fluffy animals and rocketships. The rocketships don't necessarily have to be fluffy.

  • Nicholas Cotterell
    Senior Business Analyst.

    Wonders why Cat Herding isn't a competitive sport.

  • Tom Wills
    Brand Creative Manager.

    Learning how to illustrate and write a children’s book in his spare time.

  • Ragha Gunnala
    Senior Software Developer.

    She loves to spend time with her family and learning new technical skills.

  • Rhys Evans
    Support Software Developer.

    Never late for the quiz (unless he is).

  • Ricky Mutsaers
    Marketing and Communications Manager.

    Came for the free coffee. Stays for the great people.

  • Rosmy Joy
    Test Analyst.

    Considers herself a realistic person.

  • Seajia Ngau
    Senior Software Developer.

    Can't start the day without a coffee... or two.

  • Stuart Harris
    Software Development Lead.

    Makes software that lasts, toast that doesn't.

  • Tahseen Khan
    Senior Software Developer.

    Mad enthusiasm for the latest and greatest tech.

  • Prince Makedenge
    Senior Software Developer.

    He'll get it done!

  • Vond Ritz
    Software Developer.

    Keep calm and blame it on the lag.

  • Nicola Oakley
    Senior Project Manager.

    Partial to pinot and fond of a spreadsheet.

  • Tony Lotay
    QA Team Lead.

    If you want to catch him in a good mood, meet him straight after food.

  • Mark Kranz
    Software Development Lead.

    Tech Nerd, Daggy Dad and Loud-Shirt Connoisseur.

  • Travis Hamersley
    Senior Software Developer.

    I am not support! Talk to Susie.

  • Ben Goh
    Test Analyst

    See the world, one city at a time.


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