Environmental Policy

Our commitment.

Kiandra's vision is to create a profound impact through world-changing, custom-built software. This means that we are dedicated to supporting and inspiring people to develop and utilise software that can make a positive difference in
the world. 

To realise our vision, we are dedicated to minimising our operational impact to uphold environmental sustainability. This involves implementing environmentally responsible processes and policies in our office, as well as promoting environmental stewardship among our staff while working from home. 

Kiandra’s environmental impact
Based on Kiandra's environmental review, we have identified the following significant environmental impacts: 
  • General waste production - plastic, consumables
  • Consumption of natural resources - energy, water, materials for production of equipment
  • Production of e-waste from laptops and technology equipment
  • Use of transportation and the production of greenhouse gasses (GHGs).
Kiandra’s environmental objectives
Over the next two years, Kiandra is committed to the objectives and principles outlined in the following table.  
Principles (how Kiandra will achieve these objectives) 
Measure and minimise our impact on the environment  
  • We commit to tracking our travel, power use, resource expenditure and GHG emissions over relevant activities within the business and conducting regular GHG assessments to improve environmental performance
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Send less waste to landfill through recycling programs (batteries, textiles, waste and general recycling)
  • Maintain the use of 100% renewable energy in our office.
Continually improve and demonstrate progress with transparent reporting  
  • We commit to monitoring targets regularly and sharing our findings and calculations in our publicly available annual report. 
Increase education, communication and awareness of our efforts  
  • Kiandra commits to minimising its impact on our environment through an environmentally sustainable aware culture, where responsibility is understood and shared across all members.
    • We do this through:
      • Providing a safe workplace and culture
      • Encouraging business processes that do not adversely affect the environment and participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding
      • Ensuring the responsible use of energy
      • Identifying and working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices
      • Enhancing awareness among our employees and contractors – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner.
Foster responsible environmental behaviour amongst staff, contractors, partners and clients 
  • Implement a procurement and partner selection framework
  • Provide an opportunity for our clients to contribute to carbon offsetting the impact of their software projects
  • Implement and enforce policies for employees including at-home environmental stewardship
  • Limit travel and prefer virtual meetings.
Comply with environmental obligations  
  • Meet or exceed any relevant laws
  • Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals pertaining to environmental protection as guiding principles.
Become carbon neutral  
  • We commit to work towards fully offsetting our emissions over the next two years through reduction and the purchase of offsets.
Become and maintain a BCorp certification  
  • Gain formal certification and ongoing maintenance of certification
  • Continuous improvement from baseline points.

These objectives and principles are periodically reviewed through our Environmental Review and endorsed by the Senior Leadership Team. Our environmental achievements including commitments, resource consumption and carbon emissions will be published in our annual report. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Kiandra team.

Page last updated: 1 November 2023.

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