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The Challenge

In Australia, the rate of people with disability in paid employment hasn’t changed in almost 30 years. Therefore, the aim of this project was to disrupt the employment space by building a ground-breaking, accessible job platform to provide more opportunities for people with disability to find meaningful roles and careers.

A further aim was to provide employers a platform that removes barriers and equips them to hire more inclusively – also enabling them to unlock incredible talent across all industries and levels of experience.

To meet this challenge, Get Skilled Access and the Field sought out a full-service software development partner to develop the solution alongside the Field, work to tight deadlines and wholly embrace the vision of a dynamic, engaging and fully accessible jobs platform.

The Kiandra team met this brief and more, collaborating with new ideas, innovative problem solving and finding solutions that meant the Field job site could be exciting as well as accessible.

The Solution

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The solution was to produce a fully accessible job site designed by and for people with disability, with the purpose of matching people with disability with jobs from inclusive employers. The site needed to be fully Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) Level AA compliant and withstand rigorous accessibility testing from subject matter experts. It also needed to be optimised for screen readers and other assistance devices, for which few sites truly are.

Selina Pickard, General Manager of the Field, said the solution needed to put choice and disclosure completely in the hands of the candidate and increase employer confidence in the disability hiring space by removing employment barriers and prioritising learning opportunities and support.

“We wanted to create a job site that was more than simply connecting candidates with employers. We wanted a site that would positively disrupt the employment landscape, prioritise accessibility and innovation, and champion people with disability and inclusive employers,” Selina says.

“The team prioritised end-to-end accessibility and user experience by testing, taking direction and collaborating with people with disability at every stage of the process.”

Testing and user feedback led to further adjustments, so the platform catered to five different disability groups including those deaf or hard of hearing, blind or low vision, and with limited use of arms or hand mobility and intellectual disability.

The Outcome

The Field is a job site like no other – it simplifies the disability-inclusive employment process for both candidates and employers.The Field disrupts traditional hiring practices to break down barriers to actively connect people with disability wanting to work, with employers wanting to hire inclusively.

“Progress relies on shared understanding, and we empower our users to benefit from the many measurable impacts of prioritising a diverse workforce,” Selina says.

“For job seekers, we expand employment opportunities through configurable job searches, responsive AI and features that show off candidate personalities, skills, and experiences. For hiring managers, we provide access to practical tools, features and learning to increase confidence, and maximise opportunities for disability-inclusive hiring, through connection with fantastic talent across all industries and roles.

"While the Field platform is a unique solution designed to bring equity and inclusion into the job market, it is also a new solution. Accessibility will continue to be the top priority and harnessing user feedback will be essential as it continues to remove employment barriers and create new and innovative features to enhance the user experience. There are exciting new iterations and features already in the train for subsequent releases.

The Field is about levelling the playing field in the recruitment industry
Selina Pickard - General Manager, the Field
Selina Pickard
General Manager, the Field
We knew that everyone at Kiandra was as invested as the Field team in ensuring the solution was a success.
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