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Voluntary Assisted Dying Information Management System (VAD IMS)

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The Challenge

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) has been one of the most significant social reforms across Australia in recent years. Kiandra has partnered with South Australia to support the effective management and supervision of this complex and sensitive reform.

Since January 31, 2023, Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) has been available in South Australia as a legal end-of-life option, ensuring access to eligible individuals to choose the timing and manner of their death, after following steps set out in South Australian law. 

Given Kiandra’s experience in working with Australian government jurisdictions, in mid-2022, SA Health sought our expertise to implement a solution in South Australia in readiness for the commencement of the Act.

The Solution

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Kiandra worked closely with key policy and project stakeholders within SA Health to understand their unique issues and requirements of the SA VAD approach and getting the balance right between implementing our proven system with bespoke SA requirements.
Kiandra's Voluntary Assisted Dying Information Management System (VAD-IMS) application is a secure solution designed to help practitioners and pharmacists comply with VAD regulations. It streamlines processes, such as making first requests, completing assessments, submitting documentation, and verifying eligibility. Additionally, it facilitates written declarations, manages patient final requests, and assists with final reviews and practitioner certification statements. 
The solution enables practitioners, executives, and other authorised personnel to be guided through and complete activities needed to meet the law's requirements to facilitate patient access. This tailored system, developed to support the new law, is highly secure and will maintain confidentiality throughout multiple, complex workflows and processes.   
VAD-IMS also efficiently handles medication permit details, including patient preferences, pharmacist involvement, and supplier information. The system accommodates various roles, such as medical practitioners, care navigators, and pharmacists, by providing tailored permissions. Developed by a team experienced in the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act implementation, VAD-IMS includes video-based training that covers each core aspect of the solution.

The Outcome

Kiandra’s support for SA Health on this sensitive matter has facilitated VAD access for individuals with terminal illnesses in South Australia, allowing them to choose this option at end of life. The Act has been operating effectively, with proper safeguards in place to ensure access for eligible individuals.

Kiandra continues to work with SA Health on the delivery of the VAD scheme and to provide a trusted, reliable and accountable partner in the management of this service.

For more information on VAD outcomes in South Australia read: Voluntary Assisted Dying in South Australia (SA Health, 2023).

A secure solution designed to help practitioners and pharmacists comply with VAD regulations
Adam Monkhouse, Acting Director, Health Services Programs
Adam Monkhouse
Acting Director, Health Services Programs, SA Health
Working with the dedicated team at Kiandra was a genuine pleasure. I am a project director with no background in software development, and I found that Kiandra’s non-judgemental, steady, and informative approach to the build process helped me to make decisions that I felt were in the interest of the project in a timely manner. The overall success of the application demonstrates the hard work the team put into ensuring it met my needs.
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