FMCG Solution

Platform that combines online ordering with brand and business-building information

A woman manages order inventory in a retail store using an iPad
FMCG Solution

The Challenge

One of North America’s largest distributor of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) has been supplying products globally for decades.

Leveraging a large Field Sales Force team to facilitate ordering, the FMCG was under pressure from retailers to move to a digital-based order management and fulfillment system, as well as enhance its legacy systems. This strategic initiative was driven by the objective of meeting increasing demand, mitigating the risk of human errors, and fostering innovation, such as being able to use customer ordering behaviour to make strategic business decisions to increase revenue.
Central to the solution was the execution of tailored software that had been previously proven in Australia and New Zealand. This platform, supported by its robust integration and security measures, aimed to also facilitate enhanced interaction with retailers, providing invaluable business development insights and brand-centric information to support core ordering functionality.

The Solution

A man working for a wholesale business manages stock levels on his computer

The platform is a Kiandra-built technology suite that was specifically created to grow the business of global FMCGs and their retailers by combining online ordering with brand and business building information. It also has the capability to enable use customer ordering behaviour to make strategic business decisions to increase revenue.

It’s a secure platform that provides both retailers and FMCGs a more relevant, sophisticated, and engaging method for ordering, communication and relationship management.

  • Services 30k+ retailers (direct and wholesale)
  • Auto-generate orders using historical order volumes
  • Dynamic pricing at a retailer level
  • Fully automated returns process
  • Integration with automated reconciliation platform to pay back wholesalers any differentials on orders.

With a focus on ease of use, it’s a one-stop-shop for retailers to access relevant information and complete their orders through three simple steps. Retailers can manage orders with control and flexibility yet stay within any constraints required. The platform is designed to minimise human errors while maximising sales.

FMCG affiliates have complete control of customers’ ordering options, frequency, and logistics. Fully configurable product and content targeting is provided using extensive retailer grouping.

Precise management of all aspects of the platform was provided, including:

  • Allocations
  • Limits
  • Quotas
  • Recommended products
  • Minimum orders
  • Exclusive products.

The Outcome

The platform is available to virtually any device, from desktop, laptop and tablet through to smart phone ordering, allowing orders to be made anywhere anytime. It provides mobile-streamlined retailer interaction from handheld devices. Each touchpoint is specifically designed to enhance the relationship with retailers.

In addition to ordering, the portal is a secure and centralised location for business building and brand information. FMCG affiliates now have access to retailer ordering data instantly.

Retailers benefit by having a comprehensive overview of performance from current stock orders to year-on-year results.

This allows FMCGs to better engage with retailers through extensive brand information, trade incentive and business tools made available through engaging video content, workbooks and training modules. In addition, retailers can access current pricing information, the latest promotions, news and the latest product details in one centralised location.

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