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A platform capable of supporting millions of user actions

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Crestview Strategy

The Challenge

Crestview Strategy needed a way to build and manage their grassroots campaigns to voice opinion to the right level of government representation. Traditional methods for voicing opinion including print, radio and television are becoming less effective and are on the verge of being ignored by an ever-increasing technology-savvy public. As such, a more modern and relevant approach was required. 

The Crestview team understood the best way to connect with people was to supplement their existing approach with a multi-channel digital presence.

Crestview quickly realized there was no product available to meet their needs, and approached Kiandra to help build a tailored, comprehensive digital campaign management platform.

The Solution

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With close collaboration, Kiandra rapidly developed several Azure prototypes.

Using this approach enabled the team to fully explore several different feature sets, user interface designs, security considerations and platform configurations in a short period of time. The prototypes helped Crestview pinpoint the exact features required for their minimum viable product (MVP) — Mobilizer™.

Mobilizer™ is a secure comprehensive web-based digital campaign management platform tailored to meet the unique needs of each campaign.

The Outcome

Mobilizer™ has enabled Crestview to run and execute multiple campaigns for multiple clients in parallel — capable of supporting millions of user actions.

A key outcome of the platform has been the automation of workflows for mobilizing action and matching people with their municipal, provincial and federal representatives without compromising on tough anti-spam legislation.

The platform is also heavily safeguarded. Mobilizer™ operates with enterprise-grade security through Azure Active Directory, which includes a role-based permissions management system.

As Mobilizer™ is fully integrated with leading industry analytics platforms offered by Google, Facebook and Twitter, it also has a comprehensive data visualization component. This allows campaign administrators to explore deep insights into user behavior.

Mobilizer™ is capable of supporting millions of user actions
Nathan Carr, Senior Campaign Strategist (Product Lead), Crestview Strategy
Nathan Carr
Senior Campaign Strategist (Product Lead), Crestview Strategy
We knew Kiandra was the right choice from the start. Their collaborative approach, creativity and commitment to delivering the best possible solution for Crestview are evident in all aspects of the Mobilizer™ platform.
Dashboard screen of Crestview's Mobilizer displayed on a laptop
Client dashboard - desktop
Login screen of Crestview's Mobilizer displayed on a laptop
Login - desktop
Login screen of Crestview's Mobilizer displayed on an iPad
Login - tablet
Monitoring campaign performance using Crestview's Mobilizer on a laptop
Campaigns - tablet
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