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Modernising an outdated inventory system for a leading wholesaler

Behrakis Group specialise in food distribution and wholesale
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The Challenge

The Behrakis Group, based in Tasmania, specialise in food distribution and wholesale. They operate several businesses including a chain of supermarkets and other food stores.

For the greater part of the last decade, Behrakis were using an inventory system that had become increasingly complex. Unfortunately, the use of their existing system fragmented the data on six of their businesses – meaning when they wanted to get a snapshot of performance, they needed to look in six different databases.

This became very time-intensive, with Behrakis needing to download different information from different places, input it into a spreadsheet then manually centralise the data. These heavy manual processes can open the company up to risk through human error.

Behrakis needed to modernise their legacy software.

The Solution

Behrakis application on a laptop

Kiandra realised Behrakis’ interaction with the decentralised databases needed to be centralised to cut down the risk of human error and make their processes simpler.

The first step was to create a modern user experience for their inventory system. This meant building a centralised application, so Behrakis only need to go to one place rather than six.

Using Microsoft Power Platform, Kiandra re-built the pricing adjustment system by creating a Power App that uses a data gateway to connect to the multiple SQL Server on-premises databases which allow them to adjust the pricing from one location.

Kiandra also made the interface of the price adjustment simpler, instead of Behrakis entering several fields to calculate pricing – this is now a single-entry field with automated calculations. This has removed manual user error and risk from the business.

The Outcome

The new application has also greatly improved Behrakis’ sales reporting. This process previously took up to half a day, now takes a click of a button with their new stock item pricing and reporting application.

On the successful implementation of the new inventory system, Kiandra is now working with Behrakis on a payroll reporting application, which will be a similar feat in centralising six different databases to improve internal processes.

Behrakis experienced a 50% improvement in efficiency
William Cornwill - Senior Power Platform Consultant
William Cornwill
Senior Power Platform Consultant, Kiandra
The Behrakis Group had a very outdated and complex pricing adjustment process which involved multiple systems and prone to human error, Kiandra was able to provide a simplified process from a single application improving efficiencies up to 50% and removing errors.
Person at a desk with the Behrakis application on a laptop
Price adjuster - desktop
Person at a desk with the Behrakis application on a computer
Home - desktop
Person at a desk interacting with with the Behrakis application on a computer
Stock item adjustment - desktop
Behrakis application on a screen
Stock item adjustment - desktop
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