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Kiandra - 09/11/2020
When you find the right project partner, you’ll be working with a range of experts in their field. You might not see or interact with all of them, but they’re essential to the success of your undertaking.

At Kiandra, we understand that while every role is important, it's the way every role fits with each other that makes the difference. When communication is effortless between individuals, teams and organisations, projects tend to flow smoothly and the end result is better. So closely integrated teamwork is something we actively pursue and monitor at every stage.

Here’s a snapshot of the team Kiandra will bring to your next application renovation. 

Product Manager (PM)

Facilitates communication between the project team and the client, performs project governance, manages resource allocation and co-ordinates team and client meetings.

Business Analyst (BA)

Facilitates interactive workshops, gathers and analyses user requirements, validates that it achieves the project objectives, and works with the team to communicate these requirements.

Solution Architect

Models the data, the technology and functional requirements into a comprehensive, robust solution that focuses on scalability, availability, redundancy and maintainability.

Quality Analyst (QA)

Ensures all functionality meets the technical and functional requirements of the project.

Experience Designer (UX)

Considers the application interface from the perspective of the end users.

Software Developer

The Software Developer implements the solution as defined by the architect, and according to the requirements set out by the Business Analyst.

Agile Coach

Supports your team (particularly the Product Owner) to adopt a product mindset, focusing on the right problems to solve to maximise ROI.

Account Manager

Your support during and beyond the project to ensure the best experience throughout delivery. Also your escalation point, should you need us to address any changes.

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