When a legacy app turns into Frankenstein

Ricky Mutsaers - 30/04/2021
So, you’ve created a monster. Taking the best parts of several systems to create the perfect sentient system. But not all those parts fit together perfectly, do they? Some of them don’t work and some of them get a little cranky from time-to-time. 

Well, you’re not alone.  

There are thousands of Frankenstein’s monsters out there. They’re everywhere causing havoc to IT teams and businesses, making people input data into spreadsheets, making IT admin do constant patch updates, and crashing several times a day.  

In fact, just the other day we found one of these monsters built from parts of Excel and email. Our client ESTA, a critical link between the Victorian community and the state’s emergency services, used a spreadsheet system to monitor all the fire alarms in the state. 

Their monster had gotten so out of hand, it took hours for their Fire Alarms Services Manager to compile, check data, balance budgets and email stakeholders. So, we helped ESTA bury their monster by delivering a system that cut out the constant emailing, generating clear data reports and, more importantly, freeing up time. It’s alive!  

This monster was holding ESTA back, and it’s holding you back. Like shackles restraining you and your teams from creating something new. It’s not that it doesn’t want you to move on and work smarter, it’s just stuck in its ways and can’t change.  

But in the beginning, it wasn’t like that. In the beginning they were shiny and new, impressive in stature, and capable of so many new things. But time has caught up with your monster. Now it’s lumbering slowly across the arctic ice shelf to it’s inevitable demise.   

So where to next? 

It’s time to say goodbye to your monster. Use your talents to build something for the future. Something that doesn’t rely on stitching pieces together. Build your next creation on a solid foundation. One which won't turn into a nightmare. The best thing about solid platforms, is you can keep improving your creation without the need for band aids and sticky tape to hold it all tougher. Or worrying their arm will drop off on a cold day.  

With a solid foundation your new creation can be customised to do whatever you ask it to. And it will love you for it, working diligently and reliably. The best part is your new creation can be loved and improved over time.  

It’s time to say goodbye to your monster and bring a new creation into your world. If your organisation needs help wrangling a legacy application monstor, get in touch  - we'd love to help. 

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