• 10 Signs Your Software Project Is at Risk That You Won’t See on a Status Report

    Cassie Wallace


    Here at Kiandra, we’re fighting the fake news. Not that kind of fake news, the fake news that a project is on track and everything is awesome. The reality is, software projects are complex, comprising moving parts, different objectives, personalities and skillsets. So, it’s inevitable something will go wrong along the way. But how can we keep a handle on everything when we’re moving at pace? 
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  • When Is It OK to Sacrifice QA?

    Tony Lotay


    Quality assurance (QA) isn’t just a step in the process — it’s a mindset. Great development has a commitment to quality through every stage of the software development lifecycle. But, there are times when we need to compromise and find the balance between time, budget and quality. So, it raises an important question: when is it ok to sacrifice quality? 
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  • What To Consider When Choosing A Software Development Partner

    Cassie and Matt


    Selecting a development partner can be a minefield. Each quote will be different, each partner will approach your project uniquely, and each one will have different credentials. It can become a time consuming and challenging task — so how do you know you’re comparing apples with apples?
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  • Looking Back to Go Forward. Reviewing Our CMS Predictions From 2017

    Rhys Evans


    In late 2016, our very own Kane Barton published a blog  that made some predictions about the future of CMS in 2017. The CMS space has continued to evolve since we last covered the topic, due to a variety of factors, both internal and external. Those factors have contributed to various CMS offerings developing in similar and differing directions here and there.
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  • Has Zoom Just Been the ‘Solitaire’ for Remote Working?

    Damien Rundell


    Lockdown. With very little warning we were all thrown straight into it. Some of us knew it would change the way we work, but for others, they didn’t have time to think about it let alone prepare. Some would be surprised to find that video conferencing has been around forever, with some industries comfortably reliant on the technology, while others never thought they’d need it.
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  • Life in Lockdown: How Successfully Did We Shift to Remote Working?

    Rhys Evans


    As I write this, it is now (working) day sixty of our full team working from home in isolation, starting back in mid-March.
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  • Launching Our New Brand and Looking Back on 25 Years Experience

    Cam and Mart


    Our rebranding journey has been both scary and exciting at the same time. Scary because we’re letting go of an identity we’ve loved (and struggled with at times) to venture into a new world.
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  • A Look Back At Our First Ever Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    Aarti Nagpal


    The enjoyment of working from home can wear a little thin after a while. But at Kiandra, we’ve been finding new ways to stay connected together and keep having fun – virtually. 
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  • How to Create Your First Power BI Dashboard

    Martin Tobon


    At Kiandra, we love Power BI, an incredibly useful tool for businesses to begin visualising and drawing meaningful insights from data. From integrating it into our larger software projects as an analytics tool, to creating custom dashboards using our clients' existing data feeds, we think it’s a great tool for businesses to begin their data visualisation journey.
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  • 16 Ways to Stay Together While Working Apart

    Cassie Wallace


    A happy and engaged team is vital when we’re all physically distanced. However, for many businesses keeping people together while working apart isn’t easy. 
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  • How Hiking in China Taught Me to Be a Servant Leader

    Cassie Wallace


    I used to be a tour leader and at times I felt guilty that I was a nomad with no fixed address, no career prospects and no possessions while I carelessly travelled across the world and rarely called my mother to say hi.
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  • Kiandra IT Doubles Down on Software Development

    Ricky Mutsaers


    Kiandra IT becomes dedicated software development company with the sale of its Technology Services and Security Solutions divisions to Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon).
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