The current land reservation method is labour intensive. In order to process land purchases, sales representatives need to be on site. But the impact to the customer can be much worse. 

Oliver Hume have a longstanding partnership with leading Australian residential land developer, Villawood. With over 30 years of success operation, Villawood have a portfolio of over 50 residential projects. Due to the popularity of Villawood sites, it’s extremely common for potential buyers to queue for extended times to get a preferred lot, often overnight, which is unacceptable in winter months.

Oliver Hume approached Kiandra to solve these issues by adding a market-first capability — being able to reserve a lot of land via a digital system and moving a number of face to face sales processes online.


Kiandra architected and developed Oliver Hume Online Payment System, an end-to-end land reservation system.
  • Initiating through the Villawood website, the user can view available land available
  • They can then select an available lot to reserve
  • The purchaser gets instant notification of the success of their reservation in a seamless experience be it on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • The solution is fast, simple, scalable and highly secure.

The platform underwent extensive, rigorous security and load capacity testing to ensure the optimal customer experience.

The inaugural pilot of the new platform was a seamless success as all available land lots were reserved in two minutes with full customer details and reservation payments confirmed in less than 10 minutes.

Buyers were able to review the lots in the online stage release on the Villawood property website, before placing a holding deposit on their desired block online. They had 72 hours to present themselves, verify their identity and pay the balance of the deposit to finalise the transaction.


Oliver Hume's Head of Digital, Ben McAuliffe, said the customer experience and feedback was completely positive.
“We absolutely celebrated this outcome. The customer experience was seamless, even as buyers were reserving their lots and performing unpredicted behaviours, the system held up strong," said McAuliffe.

Oliver Hume plan to roll this ground-breaking new technology out as an additional service and scope out other processes that can be handled online.

“This is part of a broader strategy at Oliver Hume to initiate more with digital and modernise a very traditional business model that is land and real estate buying. This is the first exciting step to being able to fully purchase land online in the future.”

In 2018, Kiandra took home an ARN Innovation Award for their work on the Oliver Hume — an honour that recognises excellence in the Australian IT industry.

A 2018 ARN Innovation Award winner.

Head of Digital, Oliver Hume
Kiandra were real leaders in moving the project forward and keeping everyone working in harmony towards that end goal. This was a market-first project, so some of our demands were not straightforward and there was a lot of excitement given it’s a brand new system.

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